Vaseline Lotion Review: Vaseline Intesive Care Deep Restore Vs Vaseline Cocoa Glow

Vaseline Intesive Care Deep Restore – I wanna be comparing two of my favorites a winter essential body lotion some vaseline, and these are the deep restore one from the intensive-care range. And the cocoa glow also from the intensive-care range.  I’m gonna compare both of them. I’m gonna let you guys know which one is better which one is not that bad.  So before starting I pick let you guys know that I posted a new article on a Vaseline body lotion which is like my whole in work and how do I have concluded like the Most Wanted body lotion.

Vaseline Intesive Care Deep Restore

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Vs Vaseline Cocoa Glow

I’m going to compare the price there what it claims what they do and later on. I’m gonna have to give my opinions the deep stove it is for two hundred and fifteen rupees for 300 ml product whereas. The cocoa glow with pure cocoa Padawans retails for 265 foot 3 m ml of products.  So you guys can see 50 rupees difference, so the first thing guys can see if the 50 rupees difference in both of these because the deep restore says that it is clinically proven to restore dry skin in the front whereas this one says Christos and natural glow to try skins.


Vaseline Intesive Care Deep Restore uses for face

What the natural glow? I see so both of them have the shelf life of two years like all of the oceans. I have a leg shelf life of two years. So it cleans deeply moisturizes to restore dry skin triple skin’s moisture level absorbs fast for non-Chrissy in this one says. That and another one moisturizers to restore dry and dull looking skin which brings out your skin’s natural glow intake to say this absorbs fast for a nongreasy.

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This does contain paraben in it whereas. This does not contain paraben but it to contain the mineral oil which is. I guess it’s not good. I guess I am hurt on thereby I don’t know some just let you guys know that if you could take that mean in oil. So this one is more – lighter than this.

So why I don’t do lies? Because first of all, I have used both of these and the second point I would do cleanse this one is more lighter than this as it shows here like you can see.  I hope you guys can see from light to rich it is the last one where this one is last second one. So put your dry cleaning this is softer than this.  And yeah it is obviously always so coming to the fragrance that deep list of one has like really like Vaseline body lotion like you to use to have before that fragrance.

I don’t know how to just describe it. It’s not like real fresh like really fresh but the cocoa blue has a really strong fragrance. In my opinion, like I don’t feel it. Because I’m using this notion for two years now some use to its fragrance. I don’t recommend you this one like you can use this one in summers. I guess but you cannot use this one. I mean you can use almost leave. So choice but I would not recommend using this one because it’s really rich like so effing French. So much okay, so much I use this when I feel my skin is really dry on, you know it’s a big time of winters January starting.

So I used I just use in this time and time I need to use this one this will be amazing for winters to give a like moisture to your skin. But if you want more moisture like if your skin is extra dry then you can go for this winters both of these are really good like windows. Everyone’s gonna strike everyone seems to like the Sahara Desert. Okay so coming to my opinion. I would recommend you buying this one over there’s the gas this one is so fetched like really rich. You guys could’ve really tried then only you have to buy this. You can buy this or if he seems like normal then you can go with this one like this one is really good like.


I use this up much I use this much as well. But I don’t know what I am saying. But I will both of them equally that the whole thing. I can compare over their lotions and this is ideal for that both men making you this. Because this says men cannot use this. It’s a lotion, hello that’s a lotion Lee doesn’t see if it has any like gender.  Gender choice comes on come on so at last I’m gonna see that both of them are really good for victors and if you are interested in buying this.