What is Best Skin Care Routine for 40’s?

Best face skin care routine products for 40’s – Hi guys to see my nighttime skincare routine and get unready with me. So the first thing I do is use pure coconut oil to take off my eye makeup and I keep rubbing it gently on my eyes until all of my eye makeup is off.  And I’m wearing waterproof mascara, so that is what takes the longest to come off then. I just use a tissue to wipe it off and I do it one more time. Then I use my Neutrogena makeup remover wipes and I use this to get off the rest of my makeup.

Best face routine skincare products




Best face routine skincare products


This will get off everything it gets off my Colorstay lipstick and my eyebrows and also my foundation and anything that’s left over on my eyes from my eye makeup. Now I’m going to go wash my face with my new favorite face wash. This is tree to tub so Barry for face and this is in lavender and I got this on Amazon. Okay, my face is all clean and I alternate from treating my melasma a few nights a week to using my hydrating anti-aging products.

face wash


This is now my favorite natural oil this is actually made from olives this is so hydrating anti-aging anti-inflammatory. I absolutely love it then I use my timeless b5 hydration serum and this also has hyaluronic acid in it which is super hydrating. I go right over my eyes with these products. It down to my neck and my chest and I rub whatever is left over into my hands the next product.

hydrating anti-aging

best skin care routine for 40s

That I use is timeless Matrixyl 3000 and this is a peptide that helps your skin produce collagen I use about a finger length of each product. Rub it into my hands and massage it into my skin. I haven’t been using any eye cream at all I use all these products right over my eyes and next I use my tree of life a retinol moisturizer with hyaluronic acid.

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I use two pumps and the same thing I go right over my eyes than on my lips. I use pure zinc oxide this is super moisturizing it’s also sunscreen and that’s it ready for bed. (See the original video on Youtube).