Your Real Age Rests In Your Hands

If you ask any woman what her biggest fear is, percentages are she will not say death or failure, she is going to say aging. All you have to do to prove this is by checking how much anti-aging cures sell for and how much that markets make each year.

The figure is amazing. The problem with this nevertheless, is that most girls focus their attention on reversing the aging signs on their faces. Even though it helps to tighten your face’s collagen, it will not do anything to hide your age if you don’t pay any attention to your hands. Your aging hands will give away your age even though you have had more facelifts than you can count. As the skin is much thinner on your hands than on your face, the collagen can collapse less complicated, making your hands look wrinkled and old. Not merely will your hand’s wrinkle, your veins will pop up because your skin is so thin. Now naturally you can pay thousands of dollars for plastic surgery for hand-lifts, but if the idea of going under the knife terrifies you, don’t be disturbed.


Your Real Age Rests In Your Hands, aging gracefully over 50

There are masses of non-invasive and non-invasive cures available. The easiest and potentially most vital approach to contra-aging hands is keeping them moisturized. There are many hand creams available to the overall public that taut its contra-aging capabilities. You’ll be able to find them ranging north of a few hundred USD per small bottle. So should you pay crazy-amounts of money for hand cream? The answer really relies on you.

If you’ve got the cash to afford those outrageous costs, then go for it. They’re going to work, not miracles mind you, but they do work at adjusting the skin’s collagen.

However, if you think it’s ludicrous to spend as much cash available cream as you would spend on television then there are way more options for you.

Research has demonstrated that simply using basic hand cream several times each day can help in reducing the process of aging on your hands. When purchasing over the counter moisturizers, look for three ingredients to guarantee you’ll get maximum results. The three main ingredients you need are found in most cheap hand creams at your drugstore. They include glycerin, which pulls water from deeper tissues to melt the top layers, petrolatum to hold water so it doesn’t escape and dimethicone which momentarily fills in skin cracks and leaves a smooth, non-greasy feel. Also, to erase age spots from your hands, doctors advocate hydroquinone, a bleaching agent available in over the counter and prescription form.

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